Exposing the Invisible has been made possible thanks to the support of :

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We would also like to thank those who have collaborated with Tactical Tech on this project...

Episode 1: Our Currency is Information

Production and project coordination team:

Klaas Diersmann, Jakob Stark, Harry Connolly, John Edwards, Caroline Kraabel, Neil Metcalfe, Peter Lynch, Tim Cregg, Eva Blum-Dumontet.

Episode 2: From My Point of View

Production and project coordination team:

Klaas Diersmann, Mark Hopkinson, Eva Blum-Dumontet, Sebastian Voigt, Nicolai Wolf, Jakob Stark, Benjamin Bayer, Martin Fliri, Jawad Chaaban.

Special thanks also go to: Eliot and his family, Rajwat (and her wanting-to-stay-anonymous peers), Hagit and the Tactical Tech team for their support, Mansour and Kathrin Dietzel for letting us finish the project in her editing studio while working on the next film and giving a helping hand with annoying tasks like (very) last minute changes, transferring files, slow internet, broken hard drives...

And here is a selection of the projects and videos we featured:

Episode 3: Unseen War

Production and project coordination team:

Klaas Diersmann, Peter Emery, Mohammad Iftekhar Yezdani, Fahim Farid, Waqas Hassan, Ahson Sami, Kathrin Dietzel, Lucy Wallwork, Sebastian Voigt, Ralph Pinel, Donna Pinel Nicolai Wolf.

Subtitle translation: Abdullah Haidar (Arabic) and Sobia Ghazal from the Digital Rights Foundation (Urdu)

Special thanks go out to: Alice Ross, James Bridle, Noortje Marres, Sadaf Baig, Safdar Dawar, Taha Siddiqui, Bytes4All in Islamabad (especially Shahzad, Furhan and Faheem), the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and Jamie Balliu for his nice studio.

Finally, a huge thanks to those who have volunteered to translate episodes of Exposing the Invisible:

  • Anas Qtiesh (Arabic)
  • Olga Nicolaeva (Russian)
  • Mariana Mas (Spanish)
  • Tin Geber (Croatian)
  • Furhan Hussain (Urdu)
  • Global Voices Lusofonia (Portuguese) and the power of the crowd!