Talk to us

Email us: eti [at] tacticaltech [dot] org

We just want three things from you:

1) Ideas for upcoming episodes.

2) What you would improve on the project and the website.

3) A nice email to distract us from our work.

However, you may have noticed our obsession for privacy. If you are on the same page, here are two ways to talk to us:

1) Use an Off-The-Record (OTR) instant messaging system, and add us to your Jabber contact list:

2) Send us an encrypted email using GPG: eti [at] tacticaltech [dot] org (our fingerprint is 0431 1D6E 6E31 BCF3 E890 2DF8 B0D6 B0CF 9491 FED8, download our public key here)

Not sure how to use GPG and OTR? Have a look at our resources section. Go here for GPG (MacLinux or Windows) and here for OTR (MacLinux or Windows).

And if you really think you have nothing to hide, well... drop us whatever email you can produce.