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The Tax Justice Network

The Tax Justice Network is an independent network that includes NGOs, academics, journalists, economists, trade unions, lawyers and independent actors. The network advocates against tax evasion and undertakes research and analysis on tax regulation. The Tax Justice Network maintains a blog, updated every day, on the topic of tax avoidance and tax havens.

With its “Links” update, the blog gathers all the articles published on tax avoidance every day. In-depth posts are also published, reporting and commenting on important news or relevant articles.

The Tax Justice Network is, therefore, a go-to resource to keep yourself updated when you write about corruption or issues involving tax evasion.

In 2011, the Network also published the Financial Secrecy Index(FSI), an international ranking of 73 countries that provide some form of financial secrecy. The FSI reveals elements similar to those exposed in Treasure Islands, beyond the stereotypes of tax havens as small exotic islands. The world’s main providers of financial secrecy are also the richest and most powerful countries in the world.

The FSI is a good starting point as an inspiration for visualising data pertaining to tax systems.