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The Rise Project

The Rise Project gathers the work created by a community of journalists, hackers, designers and activists dedicated to accurately depicting the reality of organised crime and corruption in Romania and surrounding countries.

Beyond the investigations (that can be read here using Google translate), the Rise Project features multiple visualisations that constitute a set of valuable resources for investigators researching organised crime and corruption.

Clicking on “CONEXIUNI” on the website gives you access to a list of names of individuals and companies, as well as court cases, classified in alphabetical order. Click on the name you are interested in and find out how the person or the company you are investigating is related to other individuals and companies that have been investigated by the Rise Project.

If I wish to investigate Thomas Lundin – the former director of Ericsson in Romania - for instance, I can click on the letter T, scroll down until I find his name and find out, among other things, that he has direct connections to eleven companies, including Ericsson and WBS Holding.