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Me & My Shadow

Me & My Shadow is a website that allows you to trace your “digital shadow” - all the data you disseminate without knowing it when you are online – and then shows you how to reduce it.

Every time you go online, information is collected about you. This creates a profile of who you are, what you do, where you go and what your habits are -- information which can be accessed by governments and private companies.

As an investigator, this profile could put you and your sources at risk. It is therefore important to understand how your personal data is obtained, and how you can better control your online presence. Me & My Shadow features a number of tools that can help.

The website is updated frequently to keep you up to date on the newest digital privacy tools. It also features a section called "Lost in Small Print" that tells you everything you should have read before clicking on the “I agree” button when you signed up to a social network.

Me & My Shadow is produced by Tactical Tech.