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James Bridle

James Bridle, a protagonist in the final film in our series Unseen War, defines himself as a writer, publisher, artist and technologist based in London. His work explores the realm of art, hacking and investigation, with projects such as the Iraq War Wikihistoriography, where he gathered  -- in 12 volumes -- all the changes made to the Wikipedia page “Iraq War” between December 2004 and November 2009.

A more recent project, which has largely contributed to the popularisation of his work, has been “Dronestagram.” Dronestagram is an Instagram account where satellite Google Maps pictures of landscapes where drone strikes have taken place are posted. A Twitter and Facebook account are also associated to Dronestagram.

The idea behind Dronestagram was to make those places where drone strikes happen frequently more present in the minds of those living far from those strikes.

As drones are there to make war more impersonal and distant than ever, James Bridle, with Dronestagram, is bringing war back in our daily lives through our social networks.