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The Info-Activism How-To Guide is a comprehensive tool released by Tactical Tech to teach activists the basics of evidence-based activism. With the How-To Guide, you can learn about creating effective content, shaping your message based on your target audience, and analysing the impact of your work.

The website is divided into four sections: “Just the Essentials”, “Show me the Big Picture”, “ Give me the Tools” and “I need inspiration”. All four sections look at raising awareness, getting an audience engaged and inspiring people to take specific actions.

The How-To Guide is an update of earlier Tactical Tech toolkits, and features content from the project "10 Tactics". The How-To Guide reflects the experience Tactical Tech has gained from years of running workshops with activists, and takes into account how information activism has evolved over the years.

The How-To Guide also includes basic security tips to help you stay mindful of the dangers activists may be confronted with in the course of their work.