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Drawing by Numbers

Using efficient data visualisations could be the core of your work as an investigator.

In his interview for Exposing the Invisible, Paul Radu explains how visualisations help him to layer the information he has and get his message across regardless of the language barriers that might exist.

 Drawing by Numbers is a website created by Tactical Tech to help you create your own visualisations. 

In seven notes, Drawing by Numbers walks you through everything you need to know about data visualisation, including how to get started with your own data.

The “Visualisation Tools” chapter covers some of the wide range of programmes available for visualising data. How to use them, how hard they are, who owns them... Drawing by Numbers answer your questions.

On this website you will also find a “Be Safe, Be Smart” section, which explains some of the risks involved in manipulating data, and gives you advice on how to manage these risks.

Drawing by Numbers is no longer in operation and is the predecessor website of Visualising Information for Advocacy.