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An Atlas of Radical Cartography

An Atlas of Radical Cartography is an 160-page book containing ten essays and ten maps displaying social issues ranging from globalisation to garbage; surveillance to extraordinary rendition; statelessness to visibility, and deportation to migration. They are all designed to provoke new understandings of networks and representations of power and its effects on people and places, and to offer new perceptions.

Crucially, it describes itself as an atlas rather than the atlas, alluding to the fact it is one of many possible atlases. But this is no objective work - the contributors admit to wearing their politics on their sleeves,   recognising that all maps are inherently political but lie beneath an "objective" surface.

Just as Hagit does in our second episode From My Point of View, when using aerial mapping to provide new documentation of East Jerusalem, this Atlas sees that such new understanding of the world are prerequisites of social change. The atlas costs $35 and you can take a peek at the few of the maps on their website.