Extracting location data automatically from images
Panama Registry of companies, the database of the companies registered in Panama
Investigating More than meets the eye
Automated sectarianism and pro-Saudi propaganda on Twitter
Michael Kreil: An Honest Picture of Metadata
Seeing the world through Google's eyes
CameraV: Is this for real?
Starting satellite investigations
Harlo Holmes: Metadata or it Didn't Happen
Busting the Viral: Fact Checking on Social Media
The Virtual Watchers
Tracking flights in real time with Flightradar24
Investigating Google's revolving door
OCCRP, organized crime and corruption reporting project
Investigative Dashboard, a helpline for investigators
Mikel Maron: Crowdsourcing satellite imagery to document deforestation
Disclosures of a Hashtag
Who is WHOIS?
Dutch cartographer mapping territorial control in Syria
Amnesty International on small tasks, big data and massive engagement 
Follow the Money: a Digital Guide for Tracking Corruption
OpenCorporates, the open database of the corporate world
Switching perspectives
Libra: The landsat imagery browser
Domain Games: Role-playing an online identity
The Land Matrix, a database of land grabbing deals
Unlocking Data from PDFs: A Deep Dive on Scraping & Parsing
Journalist's Resource, a research database
The Guardian guide to your metadata
Security in-a-box
The Rise Project, Paul Radu's home organisation presenting all his investigations
GlobaLeaks, software for whistleblowing platforms
They Rule, data visualisations on American corporations
Treasure Islands, uncovering offshore banking and tax havens
Me & My Shadow, a resource to help you protect your privacy
Public Lab, DIY mapping tools
Importio, a tool to automate crawling the web
The Info-Activism How-to Guide
Tor, a tool to browse the web securely
Corpwatch, a website publishing and aggregating investigations on corporations
School of Data, a series of tutorials on working with data
Forensis: The Architecture of Public Truth
Kill your phone
Ecosystem of corporate politicians
The Dark Net
Seamless Transitions, James Bridle
B'Tselem camera project, Palestine-Israel
Tax Justice Network, resources on tax evasion
LittleSis: Connecting the dots between business and government
PATTRN: A tool to map events
Google Open Newsroom, collaboration for verification
Syria Deeply, digital media adding context to content
FAIR Legal Guide for Investigative Journalism
Storyful, the news agency for the digital age
Crowdsourcing, what is is and how it can be used
GPG encryption for your emails
Classified Information: A review of current legislation across 15 countries & the EU
OTR, a tool to anonymize your communications
Google Fusion Tables, a web app for large data sets
Verification Handbook
Noir Digital Security Films, a series of short films to understand the issue of surveillance
Mobile phone security
Naming the Dead, data on drone strikes in Pakistan
An Idiot's Guide to Money Laundering, from Global Witness
Monthly drone updates, from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism
ONO Robot's Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet
An Atlas of Radical Cartography
Google Earth Outreach
Mapknitter, a tool for "stitching" aerial images together
Subjective Atlas of Palestine
Yanukovych leaks
Quick Guide to Alternatives
DIY Drone Shadows
Visualising Information for Advocacy, the book
Kings of Coal - toolkit for coal campaigners
Quantified toilets
Satellite orbiting
Quantum GIS, an open source geographic information system
Theater of Conflict, a documentary on reporting from FATA
Mapping Arms Data, a visualisation
Pixelated Truth, mocking censorship
James Bridle
Drone Survival Guide
Tableau Public, a free tool for visualising data
Maps for Advocacy, a set of Tactical Tech tools
5,000 Feet Is Best, filming a former drone operator
Snow Fall
Story builder
Not a bug splat
Close up at a Distance, a book about mapping, technology and politics
Dronestagram, tweeting drone strike locations
Dealing with Trauma
No Spyware for Dictators
Infogram, an online data visualisation tool
The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance
Geojournalism handbook
NYPD mock drone posters, by Essam Atia
The Art of Data Visualization, a video homage
Regret the Error
Breaking the Silence, testimonies of Israeli soldiers
Living Under Drones, the aftermath of drone attacks
With Liberty and Justice for Some
Assad Debunkation, a blog exposing propaganda amid conflict
What does a Jew Want? A book.
The Civil Contract of Photography, a book on the power politics of the image
Out of Sight, Out of Mind, a drone strike visualisation
Drawing by Numbers, a resource for data visualisations
Measure of a Life, a documentary on drone strikes
Trevor Paglen
Brown Moses, exposing the real story behind arms in Syria
Visualizing Palestine
Walls That Speak
Postcards from Google Earth
Dirty Wars, a film exposing covert drone warfare
The Migrants Files
Finding Neverland: The story behind Peter Thiel’s secret citizenship revelation
From Tails to Whiskers: How We Created a Secure Investigation Framework