Who, what, why, where? Verification of online data
We will address the essential verification questions of where, what, why and who as well as introduce a number of tools and techniques to assist investigators with verifying data that they find online.
Behind the Data: Investigating Metadata
What is metadata? How has it been used to expose, protect and verify abuses and excesses of power? What tools can be used to extract, strip and add metadata?
Domain Games: Role-playing an online identity
The steps presented are probably good enough to hide one's involvement in the purchase of a domain name — at least for a while — from all but the most powerful, competent and patient of eavesdroppers.
Leak and Onion Soup
Using Tor to investigate sensitive leaks
Scraping web data
Securely and reliably extracting table data from webpages
Smart searching with googleDorking
A guide to using search engines to find hidden information
Decoding Data
Decoding Data is a guide that looks at how data can be used for investigations that focuses on the efficacy and possibilities of data while not fetishizing its power.