Modes of Operating
In this first interview with Mari, she talks about her practices and processes of her work which combines multiple fields to investigate corruption, abuses of power and systemic failures.
From Gigabytes to Stories
Finding treasure troves of documents within data dumps, both online and offline, and contextualising this raw data into narratives.
Observe the Unobservable
Mari discusses using photography in her work and the process of rejection through enabling her subject to define their own perimeter of secrecy, whether legally established or imaginary.
"Enjoy the Labour, Never the Fruits"
In this interview Mari uses the phrase "You are only entitled to the labour, not the fruits of your labour” to talk about her dissatisfaction with the results of her work but enjoying the labour nonetheless. 

Mari Bastashevski, Facing Secrecy

Mari Bastashevski is an artist, researcher, a writer and an investigator. Her work blurs the line between these fields deliberately. She focuses on issues of systemic failure and international conflict profiteering and the information vacuum that surrounds these issues. 

In these four interviews, which come with both a written and video interview, we cover her processes and practices in Modes of Operating, sorting through data dumps and finding the stories and context within them in From Gigabytes to Stories, her use of photography in her work in Observe the Unobservable and lastly her dissatisfaction with the results of her work but enjoying the labour nonetheless in "Enjoy the Labour, Never the Fruits."