Tor Browser

A tool to browse the web securely.

Tor is software that allows you to browse the web anonymously and to bypass censorship in places where access to certain websites might be blocked. Originally developed for the US Navy, Tor is now a network used by activists, journalists, the army and anyone else who cares about privacy.

Relying on a network of virtual tunnels, Tor prevents websites from tracking your identity. Take a look at this page to understand how Tor works. To better understand the distinction between Tor and https, go to this graph created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation..

When you are conducting a risky investigation, you should make sure that no one can track you and your research based on your internet browsing history. For this, you can use the Tor Browser Bundle.

Tactical Tech has produced two videos for Tor, one explaining why people should consider running bridges to help others bypass censorship, and one explaining what Tor hidden services are.

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