An adaptable platform to acquire information from anonymous sources and whistleblowers.

GlobaLeaks arose in the wake of the closure of whistleblowing platform WikiLeaks, with a desire to continue promoting transparency. It aims at offering -- to any person or organisation interested in running a whistleblowing initiative -- the tools to acquire information from anonymous sources. It is sufficiently flexible to be adapted to most applications.

The software is customizable to allow those running a node (i.e. hosting the GlobaLeaks platform on their own website) to decide how and from whom they want to receive materials -- anonymously or not, for instance, or only from people working inside the specific organisation they are blowing the whistle on.

One of the key features offered by GlobaLeaks is the ability to make the submission platform secure and anonymous by running it as a Tor Hidden Service. GlobaLeaks has published a threat model to help the node administrators understand their risks and to what extent the software can provide protection.

The project is still at an early stage of development (alpha version) and, as open source software, requires improvements and peer review from the community to be developed further.

For more information on running your own whistleblowing initiative with GlobaLeaks, have a look at this guide. Thinking about doing it? Then consider applying for the GlobaLeaks Fast Track Programme, where the developers of GlobaLeaks will tutor you through the process. More information about this is available here.