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You can support us in empowering communities worldwide to tackle the challenges created or amplified by digital technologies. For over 20 years, Tactical Tech has created award-winning resources and educational interventions that promote digital and media literacy and advance knowledge on how technologies influence participation and public opinion. Our resources have been collaboratively developed and used by over 400 partners across 90+ countries, impacting more than 30 million individuals worldwide. Do you want to know how we make a difference? Check here to see our Impact Stories section.

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  • "Exposing the Invisible- The Kit": A collaborative, self-learning resource that makes investigative techniques and tools used by experienced investigators accessible to everyone motivated. More info

  • "Personal Data: Political Persuasion": Through cases, you could learn more about how political groups and companies participate in an industry that uses data to influence voters' opinions and election outcomes worldwide. More info

  • "Visualising Information for Advocacy": Through examples of visual information campaigns worldwide, we show how advocates, activists, and rights groups can capture attention, present stories and take your audiences on journeys through data. More info

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