The Exposing the Invisible team, and other staff members of Tactical Tech regularly speak to the media and other civil society organisations about topics related to investigation, safety and the impact of technology on individuals and society at large. We provide both commentary and also practical advice for the general public. We have a broad range of expertise in: privacy, digital security, misinformation, digital investigation, data & politics, and youth & technology.

If you’d like to speak to one of our members, please write to: It helps if you provide details of the topic or questions you'll ask, the format of the interview (email, phone, video call), and your timeline.

Press highlights of Exposing the Invisible

"Eine gute erste Anlaufstelle und Informationsplattform für Aktivisten, Journalisten und Interessierte, die investigativ tätig sind." ["A good first port of call and information platform for activists, journalists and anyone interested in investigative work."] -