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[Ended] Webinar: "Passing the Fact-Checking Challenge: How to build stories with unbeatable proof" 2 June 2022

What does it take to develop "challenge-proof" investigations and stories? How do you compile a set of evidence that can stand any scrutiny from your editors, publishers, audiences and potential adversaries? Join this webinar with Dr. Birgit Brauer, Head of Fact-Checking at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) to learn practical methods and tips that will help you master the art of fact-checking.

About the Event

Whether you are gathering, verifying and publishing information as a freelance or newsroom journalist, a researcher or a citizen investigator, you need to support your statements and stories with unbeatable proof. However, many freelance reporters, investigators and NGOs do not benefit from the valuable support of a fact-checking team and therefore need to be prepared to withstand any scrutiny by themselves. This is essential for the sake of your reputation, your (legal) safety and your accountability towards your audiences, among others. But let's face it, fact-checking your own research and reporting is a process that can pose challenges, it is demanding and requires effort to get it right.

How can you ensure that you know what standards to apply, that these standards are met and that you are ready to address any possible challenges to your methods, evidence and stories?

In this webinar, Dr. Birgit Brauer, Head of Fact-Checking at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) will share the key principles and best practices at the core of a rigorous fact-checking process. She will explain what is required when fact-checking your own stories as well as what it takes to prepare yourself for being fact-checked and challenged by others.

The session will focus on:

  • the purpose of fact-checking investigative reports - why you need it and what to expect,
  • the types of information requiring thorough fact-checking - the devil is indeed in the details,
  • fact-checking standards and requirements - how to aim for the strongest proof,
  • the challenges of a fact-checking process - how to make it to the other side,
  • examples from real stories and cases.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Birgit Brauer

Dr. Birgit Brauer is the Head of Fact-Checking at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), known as a fact-checking standards setter in the field of cross-border investigative reporting.

Prior to that, Dr. Brauer was a reporter and independent analyst covering Central Asia and has written for The Economist, the New York Times, Bloomberg News, the Associated Press and others. She is also a former Caucasus editor for the Institute for War & Peace Reporting. She received her bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Harvard University Extension School, a master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University in Washington, DC, and a PhD in political economy from the University of Birmingham.

Moderator: Urszula Kifer

Urszula Kifer is an editor with many years of experience in the biggest Polish print and online media, including,, Newsweek Polska and Rzeczpospolita daily. Since 2020, Urszula Kifer is the editor of Fundacja Reporterów (Reporters' Foundation), and its initiative, as well as being part of the team at VSquare, an independent, cross-border journalism initiative dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting and independent press in the Visegrad Region.

Register and Participate

[Registration closed, the event ended]

  • The webinar takes place on 2 June 2022, at 16:00 - 17:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time.)

  • Attendance is free and requires registration.

  • A link to join the event will be provided by email one day before the webinar to participants who sign up.

  • As the webinar focuses on elements of journalistic investigation, fact checking stories and best practices in the field, we invite you not just to listen but to bring your own experiences and questions to the 'table'.

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