[Closed] Call for Partners with Exposing the Invisible

We are looking to partner with organisations who want to work with communities in low and middle income countries and would like to adapt, translate, promote or disseminate Exposing the Invisible’s extensive resources for emerging and experienced journalists and investigators .

Tactical Tech’s Exposing the Invisible project is looking for partners who want to work with  communities _in low and middle income countries _to expand their knowledge on how to investigate and keep themselves secure. Our team collaborates with experienced investigators from around the world to create resources for those who want to start their investigative journey and learn techniques to safely conduct digital and analogue investigations. We are looking to partner with organisations who would like to expand investigation skills  in their communities by adapting, translating, promoting or disseminating Exposing the Invisible’s extensive resources for emerging and experienced journalists and investigators .

If your organisation can produce audio or visual material around the investigation topics covered by Exposing the Invisible – such as artworks, podcasts, educational videos, or other formats – we want to hear from you.

Exposing the Invisible’s public resources are available on our websites:

Partners would be willing to:

  • Run events – such as trainings, panels, talks or workshops – in your community based on materials or curricula developed by Exposing the Invisible
  • Select candidates / participants that are eligible for events if necessary
  • Create artwork, podcasts, educational videos, interviews, or any other format suitable for public outreach of Exposing the Invisible’s investigation resources 
  • Provide a detailed feedback report on these events and resources
  • Help share or co-publish material resulting from the collaboration, under a Creative Commons license.  

Partner qualifications:

  • Strong dedication to supporting and engaging with civil society
  • Proven track record of conducting events or producing materials such as articles, video, podcasts and other creative formats
  • Have trusted access and experience to work with local communities
  • Be a registered organisation
  • Come from or work on Official Development Assisance (ODA) countries

What we can offer you:

  • The opportunity to help shape ETI’s resources, use and adapt materials to the needs of your community.
  • Honorarium (between 250 EUR and up to 3000 EUR, depends on activities and availability of funds). The partnership is contract-based.
  • Promotion within our networks (approx. 6,000 monthly newsletter subscribers, 49,000 Twitter followers, and more across social media and website visitors).
  • The chance to join a community of like-minded organisations and individuals to keep collaborating with.
  • Support from the ETI team for use and adaptation of the materials and guidance of trainers when needed. 

How to apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email us at the address below. Be as specific as possible with your concepts. We will contact shortlisted applicants to take the conversation further in the next few weeks.

  • Application deadline: 18 Dec 2023
  • Email: *[](

In the application, please include :

  • a covering letter detailing your interest in the partnership;
  • a brief outline of your organizational aims and activities;
  • the type of audience(s) your organization addresses / works with;
  • the type of work you hope to conduct in collaboration with our project;
  • any public links to relevant work and projects.

Once the deadline has passed, we will review all the expressions of interest and contact selected candidates for interviews. The interviews will take place in XXXX 2023. Due to limited capacity, we are unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants.

Questions can be addressed to us at []( 

We are looking forward to receiving your expressions of interest!

 About Tactical Tech and Exposing the Invisible

Tactical Tech is an international non-profit organisation that engages with citizens and civil-society organisations to explore and mitigate the impacts of technology on society. Exposing the Invisible is a Tactical Tech project that develops resources, training and collaborations promoting investigation as one of the most important forms of public engagement.

License of Exposing the Invisible materials

CC BY-SA 4.0

The content produced by Exposing the Invisible is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.