Can You Read the Signs? Check out this new chapter in Exposing the Invisible: The Kit!

How to investigate or aid your investigation by exploring visual signs and symbols, especially in cases where very little direct information is visible, available or accessible.

We see symbols and signs everywhere: on buildings, pavement, clothes, devices, trees, vehicles... and yes, on social media.

With the proliferation of digital communication, our use of symbols and signs has expanded as much as our spaces of communication, beyond the limitations of our physical expressions and actions. Observing and analysing these new signs and symbols can help us understand what new forms of expression and communication actually mean, how they redefine the way we express ourselves, communicate, organise, mobilise and learn. And they might constitute critical clues, references, identities or other traces that can enrich the way we investigate.

"Signs, Symbols and Other Visual Clues" written by Marek Tuszynski is a new chapter of our Exposing the Invisible Kit that focuses on various types of signs, symbols and images and explores how they may help you with your investigations.