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[Closed] Call for Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop Facilitation Expert - deadline 24 February 2022

Tactical Tech’s Exposing the Invisible project is looking for a professional facilitator of Training of Trainers (ToT) workshops to deliver online ToT sessions to EU-based journalists and other media professionals who wish to develop their training skills.

The ToT workshop facilitator will work closely with our Exposing the Invisible project team and with an instructional designer as part of a series of ToT events during March - June 2022. The position is part-time with more intensive work during planning phase (early-mid March) and facilitation phases (several series between end-March — end-June) of the ToT workshops. Content and planning / organising support for the ToT workshops will be provided by Tactical Tech.

The facilitator will work with our ETI team and workshop participants to deliver live training sessions to share knowledge and skills in an accessible, user friendly and adaptable manner, based on participants' profiles and needs. The facilitator’s role will be key to the success of the ToT process, and should focus not just on leading training and practical activity sessions but also on listening, responding and adapting to participants’ needs, feedback and expectations.

The educational curricula and workshops we will use in the ToT events are adaptable for both online and offline, and are based on our research and resources on investigative techniques, digital safety and other related topics. All ToT sessions in this particular project will take place online.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Design and facilitate live, online ToT workshops with several groups of journalists and other media professionals from the European Union,
  • Collaborate with Tactical Tech's instructional designer to review and adapt available generic and more specific/thematic content to ToT needs and requirements, in an accessible and engaging way.
  • Work with the ETI team to identify and address our audience’s ToT needs.
  • Help develop a ToT Manual, including feedback/assessment frameworks, and write a report that includes an analysis of pre- and post-tests, feedback and recommendations.
  • Communicate with our team members to review, feedback, adapt and implement ToT workshop materials addressing participants' needs.
  • Lead and facilitate hands-on ToT workshop series with a number of at least 60 participants divided in separate groups of 20 each (requiring separate - repeated - sessions for each group).
  • Help mentor workshop participants in-between live sessions, addressing important questions - with assistance from the Exposing the Invisible team.
  • Apply best practices in learning technologies and instructional design.

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of working experience in conducting Training of Trainers and/or adult education facilitation.
  • Demonstrated experience working ‘in the field’ with diverse audiences both in terms of profession, gender, ethnicity, geography, etc. and in terms of levels of training experience.
  • Experience in adapting and delivering educational materials for international audiences.
  • Experience with adult education and adult learning practices.
  • Excellent Active Listening skills, to ensure feedback reception, response and sharing to and among training participants.
  • Excellent written communication skills, including the ability to effectively convey technical information to non-technical audiences.
  • Lesson and curriculum planning and delivery skills.
  • Excellent, native-English-level speaking / listening / writing skills.
  • Adaptability and flexibility when working as part of a team and as a training facilitator, ability to swiftly adjust to participants’ needs.
  • Experience conducting ToT with civil society actors, including media, is a plus but not a must.

If what you’ve read sounds like you, and you’re an experienced Trainer of Trainers with excellent workshop facilitation skills, don’t wait any longer: send us your application today.

Consultancy Details

  • This is a part-time, temporary position for a maximum 4-month contract starting in early March 2022. 
  • Fees vary with experience, but are highly competitive within the non-governmental sector.
  • We will offer a consultancy contract for a limited term position.
  • Tactical Tech is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany. The working language of the organisation is English.
  • Remote work from a location outside of Germany / EU is possible, with a limitation to the GMT +/-3 timezone range.
  • Please note that all ToT events will be conducted online, and live sessions will be planned based on the Central European Time zone (CET).

Application Information

Deadline to apply: 24 February 2022

  • Please submit your application via email to <> - with the subject line: “ToT facilitator”
  • Include an attached CV and a covering letter detailing your suitability for the post and your availability. Please add any public links to relevant work and projects.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for online interviews on a rolling basis, by the end of February 2022.

Questions can be addressed at

We are looking forward to receiving your expressions of interest!

About the Project

This call and collaboration is part of a one-year long EU-funded pilot project called the “Collaborative and Investigative Journalism Initiative” (CIJI), which will equip independent media outlets and individual journalists with resources, innovative networking infrastructure and standards-based methods that enable them to practice high-quality, ethical and accountable collaborative and investigative journalism. CIJI is carried out in partnership by Free Press Unlimited, jointly with Reporters Without Borders and Tactical Tech and aims to become a network-based initiative that promotes ethical standards, offers training and capacity building opportunities and a fora for collaboration and peer-support. CIJI is currently being developed in the following regions and countries: Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the Visegrád Four (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), and Southern Europe (Greece, Italy and Spain.) The ToT workshops related to this call for applications will be dedicated to journalists and other media professionals from the three regions.

About Tactical Tech and Exposing the Invisible

Tactical Tech is an international non-profit organisation that engages with citizens and civil-society organisations to explore and mitigate the impacts of technology on society. Exposing the Invisible (ETI) is a Tactical Tech project that develops resources, training and collaborations promoting investigation as one of the most important forms of public engagement. Currently ETI focuses on developing self-learning guides and training curricula on a range of investigation-related topics included in its Exposing the Invisible Kit.