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" Investiguer sur les Publicités Politiques sur Facebook" ( - Investigating Political Advertisements on Facebook), par/by Manuel Beltrán and Nayantara Ranganathan

Our Exposing the Invisible (ETI) team was awarded a European Commission (DG CONNECT) grant under the 2019 Call for Proposals on Media Freedom and Investigative Journalism - “Action 3 - Pilot Project: Supporting investigative journalism and media freedom in the EU,” along with four other projects. For one year, between September 2020 and August 2021, we will organise activities for investigative journalists, citizen investigators, activists, researchers and others in EU member states to receive training in safe online and offline investigative techniques and tools, training of trainers and high quality self-learning and training resources. A particular focus will be on areas and communities where independent investigative journalists, civil society groups and citizen investigators have less access to skill sharing and networking, and where opportunities for cross-border and cross-discipline collaborative investigations are under-resourced or at risk.

This application is now closed - Join us for a three-week online workshop organised by Tactical Tech in November-December 2020 or January-February 2021 to work with civil society investigators across the European Union to enhance and share skills and techniques for secure investigations and digital research methods. We will explore new topics, address existing challenges and work together to develop new investigation resources and training curricula that you can take away and use in your own context.

This call for applications is now closed: 11 December 2020 (midnight CET). - We are extending the applications deadline to our "Exposing the Invisible" Investigative Institute taking place on 25 January - 12 February 2021.

Staying safe and aware is an integral part of any investigation. When embarking upon an investigation, the safety of your sources and collaborators, your own safety and the safety of your data should always be a priority.

An introduction to company investigations, related techniques and useful databases.

2019 was an exciting year for Tactical Tech, with highlights including the launch of 'Exposing the Invisible: The Kit', a three-week exhibition of The Glass Room in San Francisco, a redesigned and updated 'Data Detox Kit' in ten languages, and the release of the 'Personal Data: Political Persuasion' guidebook by our Data & Politics team.

We are translating The Kit so that more citizen investigators can use it.

How to investigate or aid your investigation by exploring visual signs and symbols, especially in cases where very little direct information is visible, available or accessible.


Join us for a set of skill sharing sessions over two weeks that revolve around investigating movement in South Asia and South East Asia.

Tactical Tech’s “Exposing the Invisible” project is looking for consultants from the European Union who have training and curriculum expertise in the field of investigation, research and data exploration to collaborate with us on creating and localising workshop materials and curricula on a range of investigation methods and topics.

Investigators talk to us about their personal experiences with exposing the invisible. These are their voices.

Following our "Investigation is Collaboration" conference in August 2021 - and in order to leave a useful collection of long-lasting resources as legacy - we curated a digital booklet including an invaluable list of cases and best practices that arose from the conference discussions, memorialized here for everyone to access whenever, wherever. We hope you’ll use them to keep the conversations and collaborations going!

Free Press Unlimited (FPU), jointly with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and Tactical Tech (TT), is launching an open call for applications for the selection of three regional media hubs in the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the Visegrád Four (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), and Southern Europe (Greece, Italy and Spain), as part of a broader initiative aimed at enabling and enhancing independent collaborative and investigative journalism across Europe.

We are looking for participants who may be journalists, researchers, or civil society investigators from across the world with a passion for conducting investigations into how political groups and the political influence industry are using personal data and data-driven technologies to influence voters, elections, and political processes.

Tactical Tech’s 'Exposing the Invisible' project is hosting a 5-day online event to celebrate the people, initiatives, techniques and topics that can make investigation accessible to everyone willing to take the step.

Join us for a four-week online Investigative Training Institute organised by Tactical Tech on 4 - 31 May 2021! You will learn from and collaborate with civil society investigators across the European Union to develop and practice skills and techniques for secure investigations and digital research. *Application Deadline: 28 March 2021 (at midnight CET) / application form below.


Our Exposing the Invisible (ETI) project team is looking for a short-term video producer (for May-August 2022) who will help us with producing and editing audiovisual material on a range of investigation methods and topics, in accessible and consumable formats for websites and social media, directed to a wide audience.

Join us on 10 May from 16:00 CEST for a webinar about the making of “The Logbook of Moria”, an awarded investigation into Europe’s most notorious refugee camp. You will meet the team of investigators and get an insight into the methodology and creativity it took to turn scattered pieces of evidence "from the ashes" to a story of international impact.

Join us on 8 April from 16:00 CET for a webinar with the investigators behind "The Depth of Your Virtual Purse: What do fintech apps know about you?" - You will meet the team of reporters and researchers and get a chance to hear and ask details about the methodology, tools, findings and challenges faced along the way.

Join us on March 25 at 10:30 CET (Central European Time) for a free online event tackling some of the challenges of investigating in South Asia. Three investigators will be sharing their experiences and offering insights into their work.

This call is for journalists and other media professionals from the European Union who are interested in enhancing their training expertise and workshop design and development skills to deliver knowledge to peers, students, organisations, newsrooms, and other beneficiaries.

Tactical Tech’s Exposing the Invisible project is looking for a professional facilitator of Training of Trainers (ToT) workshops to deliver online ToT sessions to EU-based journalists and other media professionals who wish to develop their training skills.