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Meet the people and organisations working at the new frontiers of investigation. Read about their methods, techniques, cases and the investigative mindset that drives them.


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The Depth of Your Virtual Purse: What do fintech apps know about you?

Caring for our personal data requires as much effort as managing our finances, maybe even more. A...
Research Sound

Are You Listening? Basics of Investigating (with) Sound

This article is an introductory journey intended for anyone with an interest in listening – yes,...
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Data at First Sight: Telling the human story through numbers

Good stories are relatable. They speak to the reader. Stories that have data at the centre are no...
Investigating Visual Media Access to information Verification

Investigation is Collaboration - Audio Episode

Tactical Tech’s 'Exposing the Invisible' project hosted a 5-day online conference to celebrate...
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Investigative Initiatives in the Americas – Meet the “New Digitals”

The digital media-sphere has been thriving over the last few years in the Spanish- and...
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No Disaster Is Natural: How investigating climate change adaptation could make a difference

Floods, cyclones, wildfires, etc. Climate disasters and the damage they cause are increasingly...
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Communicating with a Purpose: Investigative Storytelling

“Communicating and narrating our investigation is key, it is one of the pillars of our work as...
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Investigative Commons: A new era of human rights investigation

The Investigative Commons was launched as a collaboration between the European Center for...
Investigating Visual Media Conflict and Power Verification Video Image

The Archive as Activism: Lessons from Mnemonic and the Syrian Archive

Mnemonic, the non-profit that runs Syrian Archive, Yemeni Archive and Sudanese Archive uses its...
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Getting Creative with Geolocation

Take a dive into the world of geolocation, visual analysis, and the importance of creativity in...
Safety Conflict and Power Research

Risk Assessment Is a Mindset, Not a Checklist

Conducting investigations is risky. Unfortunately, individual investigators rarely have...
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An Arena for Climate Collaboration: "My climate issue is your climate issue"

“Is there a link between your local river drying up and European policies on climate and energy?...
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How a Chance Collaboration Exposed Secretive Government Actions in China

This is an example that proves how, with curiosity, hard work and an openness to collaboration,...
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“It Takes a Crowd...”: Tips and examples of using crowdsourcing to collect information

Crowdsourcing is increasingly used by journalists, activists, researchers and citizen...
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“Stronger Together": Creating a plan for collaboration

"In an increasingly complex social, political and economic environment, and in times of lurking...
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How to Build a More Diverse Newsroom, for Real

This brief article gathers tips on cross-border collaboration as learned from Editor-in-Chief...
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How do we know things? - The Investigator’s Dilemma and Working with Absent Evidence

“Do we know things? How do we know them? Philosophers have been asking these questions for...
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“Killing one is easy, killing a network is impossible”: The Power of Collaboration

"Ten years ago, collaborative journalism was something unusual, quite often weird – why to share...
geometric shapes on a black and white hatched background
Conflict and Power

Living Under Drones: The aftermath of drone attacks

A website centered around a report by Stanford/NYU, based on interviews with drone strike victims...
portrait of Mikel Marton in a blue shirt
Investigating Visual Media

Mikel Maron: Crowdsourcing satellite imagery to document deforestation

Mikel Maron has a long history in open source, open-data and mapping. He is a founding member of...
a part of the data visualization in the form of rays around the globe
Money and Politics

Mapping Arms Data: A visualisation

This award-winning data visualisation from Brazil's Igarape Institute (together with the Peace...
Instagram interface for geolocation setting with soft gray photo filter
Investigating Visual Media

Investigating Instagram: More than meets the eye

A case-study focused on gathering geo-location data from images posted on Instagram to tell...
grayscale rectangles on background and red transparent circle
Access to information

Busting the Viral: Fact-checking on social media

An interview with three groups and organisations working on fact checking: Africa Check, Stop...
straight line and rectangle on a beige background
Investigating Visual Media

Postcards from Google Earth

Nicholas Mirzoeff shows us what happens when Google Earth's and Street View's process of...
part of a cover of the book Treasure Islands with red photo filter
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Treasure Islands: Uncovering offshore banking and tax havens

In his book Treasure Islands, Nicholas Shaxson attempts to challenge the preconceptions people...
red hatched rectangle crossed by a line on a black background

No Spyware for Dictators

You can read further details on this on this website created by The Greens/EFA in the European...
black stripe pattern on red background with white line and red arrow
Conflict and Power

Assad Debunkation

A blog is attempting to unravel two years' worth of Internet propaganda, leading to what they...
differently sized gray and pink circles and squares variously distributed on the axes
Investigating Visual Media

Satellite orbiting

Featuring a project from Quarz that visualised hundreds of active satellites orbiting the Earth...
a portrait of lecturing Eliot Higgins
Conflict and Power

Brown Moses: Exposing the real story behind arms in Syria

Introducing Eliot Higgins, who, having sifted daily through hundreds of YouTube videos coming out...
a gray background with a red hatched circle around which leads a dashed white line
Money and Politics

The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)

By publishing freely-accessible, groundbreaking investigative articles in English and Russian,...
a part of a cover of the book (black and white photo of people standing backwards)
Money and Politics

The Civil Contract of Photography: A book on the power politics of the image

Author Ariella Azoulay argues that the act of photography describes the set of power relations...
Palestinian city from a bird's eye view
Money and Politics

B'Tselem Camera Project: Palestine-Israel

Featuring a project that distributes video cameras, and provides training to Palestinians living...
black hatched circle, dashed white line and black rectangle on red background
Access to information

Journalist's Resource: A research database

A website providing academic reports on subjects that make the news.
 black and white plane with open door and staircase on runway

James Bridle: Seamless Transitions

A project by artist James Bridle looking to recreate the ‘invisible’ spaces around the detention...
part of hand drawn map with pink photo filter
Investigating Visual Media

An Atlas of Radical Cartography

A book containing ten essays and ten maps displaying social issues ranging from globalisation to...
portrait of a man who survived drone strike in Pakistan
Conflict and Power

Measure of a Life: A documentary on drone strikes

A powerful 8-minute documentary that brings you face-to-face with survivors of one of the most...
pink title "Dirty Wars" on a brick colored background
Conflict and Power

Dirty Wars: A film exposing covert drone warfare

A film released by investigative journalist and activist Jeremy Scahill that tells the stories of...
black EU stars on a red circle crossed by several lines
Money and Politics

Classified Information: A review of current legislation across 15 countries & the EU

An in-depth review of security classification legislation of 15 countries, such as Germany, New...
portrait of James Bridle talking with a headset microphone

James Bridle

A profile of James Bridle who defines himself as a writer, publisher, artist, and technologist...
a detail of data visualization concerning the most famous browsers
Investigating Visual Media

The Art of Data Visualization: A video homage

An 8-minute video depicting the emerging art of data visualization from its early stages up to...
overlapping red dashed and white rectangle with several lines on a beige background
Conflict and Power

Breaking the Silence: Testimonies of Israeli soldiers

A website created to give a voice to Israeli soldiers who have served in the West Bank, Gaza and...
illustration: two connected circles crossed by straight lines
Access to information

Crowdsourcing: What it is and how it can be used

Crowdsourcing has taken many forms and been adopted in various businesses as a profitable model....
red circle with black dashed line on red hatched background
Conflict and Power

5,000 Feet Is Best: Filming a former drone operator

A film based on an interview carried out in a Las Vegas hotel room with a former Predator drone...
interface with a number (9,546) of word "faggot" used on Twitter on July 1st, 2020
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A real-time interface collecting data from Twitter and designed to track casual homophobia in our...
black circle over a black and white photo of a mourning crowd standing over the dead
Conflict and Power

Naming the Dead: Data on drone strikes in Pakistan

This project builds on two years of work tracking US drone strikes in Pakistan, which found that...
portrait of digital security trainer Harlo Holmes
Access to information

Harlo Holmes: Metadata or it Didn't Happen

An interview with digital security trainer Harlo Holmes about CameraV, e-evidence used in courts,...
portrait of Thomas Van Linge
Investigating Visual Media

Mapping territorial control in Syria

A young student maps out the territorial control of Iraq, Libya, and Syria as it evolves and...
Tala Saleh's finger pointing to a design map of Beirut with political logos
Money and Politics

Walls That Speak

A 47-minute video showing the power of the visual in Beirut's public spaces, and how the graffiti...
timeline visualising the number of drone attacks and victims of those strikes from 2006-2009
Conflict and Power

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A drone strike visualisation

A dynamic visualisation created by California-based Pitch Interactive, charting the number of...
notebook with drawings of maps of Palestine
Investigating Visual Media

Subjective Atlas of Palestine

A collection of intimate and subjective images of life in Palestine, curated by Dutch designer...
map showing Palestinian territories
Investigating Visual Media

Visualizing Palestine

A bank of creative data visualizations describing a factual-based narrative of Palestine and Israel.
blind world map with move traces connecting Moscow with other capital cities
Money and Politics


A web-based game created to more accurately represent the reality of tax havens today.
person with hat waving flag over assembly
Access to information


A decentralized movement of activists campaigning around the world against poverty.
two hatched circles partially overlapping each other
Money and Politics

Tax Justice Network: Resources on tax evasion

An independent network that advocates against tax evasion and undertakes research and analysis on...
illustration of a computer and USB flash drive on a gray background

From Tails to Whiskers: How We Created a Secure Investigation Framework

At Tactical Tech we sometimes experiment with creating tools and software that we think are...
photo of George Osborne and Eric Schmidt with a soft pink filter
Money and Politics

Investigating Google's revolving door

Over the past ten years, at least 80 people have been identified to have moved jobs between...
black colored hatched word "error" on a red background
Access to information

Regret the Error

Craig Silverman looks at the damage done by 'screw-ups' in eroding public confidence in...
a view on a part of a brick house of Palantir headquarters and blue sky
Money and Politics

Finding Neverland: The story behind Peter Thiel’s secret citizenship revelation

How a journalist uncovered a surprise citizen of New Zealand: US tech tycoon Peter Thiel.
visualisation of regions' violations by outcome from 1980 - 2016
Access to information

Amnesty International on small tasks, big data and massive engagement

Milena Marin demonstrates how Amnesty International uses micro-tasking, the process of splitting...
stripes of video screenshot with two people in anoraks coming down the stairs on the beach
Investigating Visual Media

Switching perspectives

An interview with Swiss artist Lea Schaffner about her focus on mass media images, how people...
a collage of profile photos of American volunteers involved in the RedServants platform
Access to information

The Virtual Watchers

A project that looks critically at an online platform of 203,633 volunteers surveilling the...
Google Earth screenshot of wrongly stitched photos of bridge over the river
Investigating Visual Media

Seeing the world through Google's eyes

An article that looks at Google's various platforms and technologies and how they capture...
black-and-white map of a small town with several orange glowing spots
Investigating Visual Media

Michael Kreil: An Honest Picture of Metadata

An interview about a series of projects based on the information and digital traces that we and...
Conflict and Power

From My Point of View

The second episode in the series, 'From My Point of View', rather thanlooking at professional...
Conflict and Power

Unseen War

Exploring the physical, moral and political invisibility of US drone warfare in Pakistan.
black hashtag on a red rectangle with a black-gray hatched background
Access to information

Disclosures of a Hashtag

Showcasing the possibilities of using hashtags for investigations.
Conflict and Power

Working with visual evidence

An interview with Hadi Al Khatib discussing methods of gathering visual evidence from social...
Money and Politics

Hacking Social Systems: Opera calling

Carmen and Doma discuss hacking and misusing closed systems through finding ways of using systems...
Access to information

M.C. McGrath: Watching the watchers

M.C. talks about using open data to understand the intelligence sector and why he chooses to...
grey metal case of hundred dollar bills
Conflict and Power

Corpwatch: A website publishing and aggregating investigations on corporations

CorpWatch is a non-profit project, whose aim is to expose malfeasance and to advocate for...
portrait of an American visual artist and geographer Trevor Paglen
Investigating Visual Media

Trevor Paglen

Profile of an American visual artist and geographer who has been documenting the "state of...
round black and white Rise Project logo
Money and Politics

Rise Project: Investigating corruption in Eastern Europe

A community of journalists, hackers, designers and activists dedicated to accurately depicting...
red circle and a word-cloud with an analysis of the Arabic words in a red photo filter
Access to information

Automated sectarianism and pro-Saudi propaganda on Twitter

The discovery of thousands of fake twitter accounts in the Persian Gulf results in an...
Conflict and Power

The Project

Hadi Al Khatib, founding member of The Syrian Archive, discusses why it continues to be important...
blind world map illustrating third party trackers routes
Access to information


A Tactical Tech project that aims to increase transparency about the data industry by...
Money and Politics

Jesus Robles Maloof: The power of conviction

Jesus Robles Maloof talks to us about the conviction needed to do the work he does, against a...
Conflict and Power Investigating Visual Media Data journalism Research

Drone Updates: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Monitoring the impact of drone warfare on civilians to hold powers accountable.
Investigating Visual Media

James Bridle: Abracadabra algorithms

James Bridle is a writer, artist and technologist from London currentlyliving in Athens. In this...
Access to information

!Mediengruppe Bitnik: Artfully asking questions

In this short video they talk about using art as a space for reflection and to ask questions...
Conflict and Power

Living in Messy Times

In this video Carmen and Doma talk about the environment in which they are operating in and how...
Access to information

Losing Control: Delivery for Mr. Assange

Carmen and Doma discuss why losing control is an important aspect of their work through their...
Access to information

Anonymity: Random Darknet shopper

This video looks at one of the most popular projects that Mediengruppe Bitnik has worked on with...
Access to information

James Bridle: Five Eyes

James Bridle is a writer, artist and technologist from London currentlyliving in Athens. 'Five...
Access to information

James Bridle: Seamless transitions

An interview with James Bridle in conjunction with his work "Seamless Transitions."
Access to information

James Bridle: Beyond the binary

In this video interview, James Bridle discusses the internet asa unconsciously generated tool for...
Investigating Visual Media

Ingrid Burrington: Tactical cartography

Ingrid Burrington talks about growth of Occupy movement, why she got involved, how we look at...
Access to information

M.C. McGrath: Activists and online activity

M.C. suggests tips and techniques for activists to be safer online through lessons he's learned...
Access to information

M.C. McGrath, The making of IC Watch

M.C. focuses on the processes and methodology behind making ICWATCH. He talks about the insertion...
Access to information

M.C. McGrath: Accidental leaking and other types of open data

M.C. proposes three main ways that individuals and groups can get data from governments and...
Access to information

M.C. McGrath: Using the tool

M.C. introduces the tool ICWATCH. This video focuses on how the tool can be used, what data it...
Access to information

Mari Bastashevski: From gigabytes to stories

Finding treasure troves of documents within data dumps.
Conflict and Power

Mari Bastashevski: "Enjoy the labour, never the fruits"

In this interview Mari uses the phrase "You are only entitled to the labour, not the fruits of...
Investigating Visual Media

Mari Bastashevski: Modes of operating

In this first interview with Mari, she talks about her practices and processes of her work which...
Investigating Visual Media

Mari Bastashevski: Observe the unobservable

Artist and investigator Mari Bastashevski about photography at the boundaries of secrecy.
Money and Politics

Our Currency is Information

Our currency is Information is the first episode of the documentary film series Exposing the...
Money and Politics

Brett Scott: Economic explorer

Brett explored the inner workings of the financial sector from the trading room floor, before...
Access to information

Lydia Medland: From freedom of information to genuine accountability

Lydia has worked with Spain-based Access Info for several years, working to promote a stronger...
Conflict and Power

Niccolo: Retro-engineering conflict

Niccolo Figa-Talamanca works specifically on conflict mapping, a practice that tries to tell...
Access to information

Rahul Bhargava: How stories move

Tips on how to work with Big Data using new tools, explains why the notion of “completeness” in a...
Access to information

Smari McCarthy: Making data speak

Smari McCarthy talks about how to work with data to create knowledge from information, how when...