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Quick Guide to Alternatives

When you use a tool, your data land ups with the company that owns that tool. The only way to really keep your data out of corporate hands is to use alternative, free and open source tools instead. Find out what's out there.

In the wake of the Prism scandal, Tactical Tech created a guide to alternatives to the websites, mail clients and communication channels the NSA spies on.

If you have stopped trusting Gmail, Skype, Facebook and your mobile network operator in light of the Prism revelations, keep in mind that there are open-source alternatives to help you protect your privacy.

This quick and easy-to-navigate guide tells you what your alternatives are for each client and software application that the NSA has spied on. Defiant of Gmail? Use Rise Up! Angry at Skype for letting intelligence agencies look at your video calls? Find out about Jitsi! Want to make sure your phone calls stay between you and your interlocutor? Consider RedPhone or

Where possible, resources come with step-by-step explanations for their use and installation.

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