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Mobile Phone Security

Resources you can use to learn about phone security.

Investigators are exposed to many potential threats – from governments, private companies, organised groups – in the course of their work.

There are, therefore, dangers to be aware of and necessary security measures to be taken if you decide to communicate by mobile phone. An easy-to-spy-on device – as exposed during the Prism scandal - phones can indeed tell on you and your sources.

Tactical Tech has produced a number of resources you can use to learn about phone security.

Security in a Box has a chapter entitled “How to Use Smartphones as Securely as Possible” and one on using mobile phones as securely as possible. 

Me and My Shadow has a chapter on geolocation services for smartphones and the risks they carry, as well as tips for those using SMS and MMS.

Finally, have a look at the Guardian Project's website, created by a group of activists dedicated to creating open source apps to increase security and privacy on smartphones.

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