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FAIR Legal Guide for Investigative Journalism

Based on English law and written by British lawyer Korieh Duodu, the guide aims at helping investigative journalists from developing countries to defend themselves when confronted with legal attacks.

The FAIR network (Forum for African Investigative Reporter) released a guide aimed at helping investigative journalists – especially from developing countries – to defend themselves when confronted with legal attacks in contexts where media freedoms are under threat.

The guide is based on English law and written by British lawyer Korieh Duodu. It offers some tips to keep in mind when working on investigations on how to do a meticulous fact checking – one that also takes into account rules concerning confidentiality and the privacy of the individuals you're reporting on – to protect yourself from accusations of defamation.

It explains clearly and concisely what laws investigative journalists have to keep in mind, both the ones that can be used against them to attack the basis of their work and those that they can rely on to defend themselves – such as the public interest defence and the fair comment.

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