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Drone Survival Guide

A playful art project to inform citizens about the dangers and capabilities of drones worldwide.

The logic behind the Drone Survival Guide is, given that there may be as many as 30,000 drones in twenty years' time over US soil alone, we must be prepared in how to identify them. The guide is a playful art project to inform citizens about the dangers and capabilities of drones worldwide, the subject of our third episode Unseen War.

This document, created by a Netherlands-based artist, provides silhouettes of the most common drone species used today and in the near future, indicating for each the nationality and whether they are used for surveillance only or for deadly force.

The guide can be ordered on aluminium paper for 10 EUR (15 USD) in English and Pashto. The aluminium paper is no coincidence - mirrored paper is a key technique for placing on rooftops and misleading a drone's camera by interfering with its sensors.

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