Working with visual evidence

An interview with Hadi Al Khatib discussing methods of gathering visual evidence from social media in the context of the Syrian Archive project.

In our second interview with Syrian Archive's Hadi Al Khatib we discuss methods of gathering visual evidence from social media in the context of the project, the archive's methodology of setting up an open-source prototype to be followed by other activist or rights groups and recommendations and considerations for groups wishing to follow the path of the Syrian Archive. 

The Syrian Archive is a Syrian initiative that strives to promote sustainable peace and respect for human rights within Syrian society through facilitating justice and accountability. This includes evidence gathering and documentation of incidents; the acknowledgment that war crimes and human rights violations have been committed by all sides; the identification of perpetrators to end the cycle of impunity and the development of a process of justice and reconciliation.

First published on August 19, 2016

Last updated on July 29, 2020