Tracking flights in real time with Flightradar24

A tool that enables users to see real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world.

Public Lab: DIY mapping tools

A community, which develops and applies open-source tools for environmental investigation.

Google Earth Outreach

Tools to create visualisations and tell their stories using Google Earth.


Create your own user generated maps


A mobile app by The GuardianProject and WITNESS that captures and preserves the metadata of images a...


A tool that helps to identify relationships and real world links between people, groups, companies a...


The operating system designed to preserve your privacy and anonymity.

PATTRN: A tool to map events

A tool that can be used to collaboratively build a database of information that enables users to map...

Quantum GIS

A free and open source tool to create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial data.

Tor Browser

A tool to browse the web securely.


An online visualisation tool that allows you to create interactive charts from your data.

Tableau Public

A free tool for visualising data.


An adaptable platform to acquire information from anonymous sources and whistleblowers.


A place to showcase your work and find inspiration.

OTR: A tool to anonymize your communications

Off-the-record messaging (also known as OTR) allows you to have secure conversations with other peop...

GPG Encryption for Your Emails

A tool allowing you to encrypt the content of your emails if the person you write to also uses it.

Mapknitter, a tool for "stitching" aerial images together

Mapknitter is a free, open source tool for combining and positioningimages into a composite image ma...

Kill Your Phone

Enclose your phone into a Faraday cage to block all incoming and outgoing signals!

Google Fusion Tables

DISCONTINUED - A web application by Google allowing you to gather, visualise and share large dataset...