Tracking flights in real time with Flightradar24

A tool that enables users to see real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world.

Libra: The landsat imagery browser

A tool to browse, sort, and download more than 275 Terabytes of open Landsat imagery for free.

Panama Registry of Companies

A useful resource for journalists and activists tracking corruption and tax avoidance across borders...

Yanukovych Leaks

Journalists and activists rescued and digitalised the documents which led to the impeachment of Ukra...

Public Lab: DIY mapping tools

A community, which develops and applies open-source tools for environmental investigation.

Ecosystem of Corporate Politicians

Interactive visualisation showing the relationships between Portuguese politicians and private compa...


Making drone strikes locations more visible, a little closer and more real.

The Land Matrix

A set of data visualisations and a public online database on land grabbing deals.

Kings of Coal

An interactive website that can help you stop harmful energy projects financed by the European Union...

Google Earth Outreach

Tools to create visualisations and tell their stories using Google Earth.

The Migrants Files

A database that contains information on 27,000 migrants who died on their way to Europe since 2000.


A free database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government.

They Rule

A website offering interactive visualisations on the biggest American corporations.


An overview of the WikiLeaks library, launched by Julian Assange in 2006.

OpenCorporates: the largest open database of the corporate world

OpenCorporates is a database which aims to gather information on all the companies in the world. The...


Create your own user generated maps


A mobile app by The GuardianProject and WITNESS that captures and preserves the metadata of images a...


A tool that helps to identify relationships and real world links between people, groups, companies a...


The operating system designed to preserve your privacy and anonymity.

PATTRN: A tool to map events

A tool that can be used to collaboratively build a database of information that enables users to map...

Quantum GIS

A free and open source tool to create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial data.

Tor Browser

A tool to browse the web securely.


An online visualisation tool that allows you to create interactive charts from your data.

Tableau Public

A free tool for visualising data.


An adaptable platform to acquire information from anonymous sources and whistleblowers.


A place to showcase your work and find inspiration.

OTR: A tool to anonymize your communications

Off-the-record messaging (also known as OTR) allows you to have secure conversations with other peop...

GPG Encryption for Your Emails

A tool allowing you to encrypt the content of your emails if the person you write to also uses it.

Mapknitter, a tool for "stitching" aerial images together

Mapknitter is a free, open source tool for combining and positioningimages into a composite image ma...

Investigative Dashboard

The Investigative Dashboard was created by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OC...

Kill Your Phone

Enclose your phone into a Faraday cage to block all incoming and outgoing signals!

Google Fusion Tables

DISCONTINUED - A web application by Google allowing you to gather, visualise and share large dataset...