illustration of a man in a suit and hands handing over bundles of money

Follow the Money: A digital guide for tracking corruption

Investigative reporter Paul Radu reveals his methods of tracking corruption and organised crime by "...
cartoon character sending a letter with the help of a pigeon

Quick Guide to Alternatives

When you use a tool, your data land ups with the company that owns that tool. The only way to really...
cartoon octopus

The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance

Brett Scott, publisher of Heretic's Guide to Global Finance, describes his work as a "friendly guide...
geometric shapes on a red background

The Info-Activism How-To Guide

A comprehensive tool by Tactical Tech to teach activists the basics of evidence-based activism.
photo of a bird in flight holding a stalk in its beak

FAIR Legal Guide for Investigative Journalism

Based on English law and written by British lawyer Korieh Duodu, the guide aims at helping investiga...
terminal with disturbed red circle on a black background

Unlocking Data from PDFs

A deep dive on scraping and parsing, reverse engineering a digital document to make the data in it m...
drawn outline of a person with a shadow of creature

Me & My Shadow

A Tactical Tech website that allows you to trace your “digital shadow” - all the data you disseminat...
photo of three printed books - Visualising Information for Advocacy

Visualising Information for Advocacy: The Book

Tactical Tech's free online book about how advocates and activists use visual elements in their camp...
drawn patterned graphics

Security in-a-box

Tactical Tech resources that show you how to remain anonymous online, how to protect your data and c...
photo of the Exposing the Invisible - The Kit's cover
Access to information Safety
Verification Data Mapping Metadata Research

Exposing the Invisible - The Kit

The Kit is a collaborative, self-learning resource that makes investigative techniques and tools use...
drawing of the document of the territorial cadastre and buildings

Maps for Advocacy: A set of Tactical Tech tools

Created by Tactical Tech in 2008 and updated in 2010, the booklet demystifies the step-by-step proce...
drawing of an adult man with a knife attacking a child

Dealing with Trauma

A list of helpful resources addressed to civil society members facing stress, threat and trauma in t...
people sitting over a common desktop

School of Data: A series of tutorials on working with data

A project by the Open Knowledge Foundation teaching you all you need to know about dealing with data...
inscription "http:" with red hatching

Domain Games: Role-playing an online identity

Guide featuring a step-by-step approach to setting up a new website when privacy is a significant co...
four red circles on a pixelated black-red background

Behind the Data: Investigating metadata

A guide that looks at how metadata has been used to expose, protect and verify abuses and excesses o...
drawn patterned graphics

Mobile Phone Security

Resources you can use to learn about phone security.
photo of the savannah from a bird's eye view

Starting Satellite Investigations

In 2006, a group of Bahraini activists used Google Earth to view palaces and land owned by the elite...
detail of Drone Survival Guide with black and white filter

Drone Survival Guide

A playful art project to inform citizens about the dangers and capabilities of drones worldwide.
red stripe pattern on a black and white gradient background

DIY Drone Shadows

A handbook, in which author James Briddle gives guidance on how to draw a drone shadow, including ad...
cartoon floppy disk

ONO Robot's Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet

A Tactical Tech series of short animations featuring the character ONO, a friendly robot whose missi...
botanical illustration of a pomegranate

Scraping Web Data

This guide presents a series of steps that can be used to automate the collection of online HTML tab...

Smart Searching with GoogleDorking

Using search engines to their full capacity to expose the unfindable.
black and white abstract painting
Metadata Research Data

Digital Resources for Citizen Investigators: Our recommendations

Many of us currently live and work in a challenging physical isolation imposed on us by the COVID-19...
botanical drawing of onion

Leak and Onion Soup

A guide about using Tor ("the onion router") to read, verify and process leaked data, which might co...
abstract painting with hatched arrow

Decoding Data

A selections of topics, approaches and ideas for those who are thinking of getting better at working...
white and red hatched circle on a black background

Verification Handbook

A guide to verifying digital content and navigating today's (dis)information environment.
map of Brazil with red light dots

Geojournalism Toolkit

The Geojournalism Toolkit was born when a group of environmental journalists felt a new approach was...
drawing of a man in a balaclava drying money on a clothesline

An Idiot's Guide to Money Laundering

A tongue-in-cheek "Idiot's Guide to Money Laundering" created by Global Witness, an organisation spe...
GPS metadata

Digging into digital images: Extracting batch location data automatically

A how-to guide covering the basic steps for using open-source metadata extraction software on your d...
abstract digital glitch image

Who, what, why, where? Verification of online data

Misinformation can spread at a feverish pace and in this chapter we will address the essential verif...
botanical drawing of onion

VPN Over Tor

Using VPN over Tor for a secure anonymous connection to the internet
webbrowser searching https://whois?

Who is WHOIS?

To lookup where domain names are registered you can use a database that stores the information of re...