They Rule

A website offering interactive visualisations on the biggest American corporations.

They Rule is a website offering interactive visualisations on the biggest companies in the US, helping you see who has the power in each company and what the ties are between the individuals at the top of corporations. They Rule also provides data relating to various institutions and foundations, thus shedding light on who is hiding behind lobbies and think tanks in America.

Create a “map” using the white space where you can place the company, institution or person you want to obtain information on. Explore the different options in the left hand menu to show the connections between companies, institutions, boards of directors and people. You can work on different visualisations at the same time. Individuals who sit as directors of more than one board are represented with a fat belly, which gets bigger according to the number of boards.

For each “item” (person, company and institution) you can find out what information is publicly available by clicking on “research.” They Rule partners with organisations such as Little Sis, Corpwatch and Democracy Now! to provide you with in-depth and accurate data.

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