Kings of Coal

An interactive website that can help you stop harmful energy projects financed by the European Union.

[This entry refers to an archived database and website that is no longer active or updated]

Kings of Coal(archived page, note that its original website went offline) was an interactive website whose tagline was "this website can help you stop harmful energy projects." Its purpose was to help users create and print their dossier about coal projects financed by the European Union. Users could select the banks that were expected to finance the coal project, the companies interested in constructing the project and print a dossier.

The aim of the project was to help people stop harmful energy projects, as companies sometimes cancel projects when they see that they create too many problems or reactions in the public sphere. Kings of Coal showed users how to contact the banks and companies behind a project, which policies guided their decisions and how best to influence them.

Kings of Coal was a CEE Bankwatch Network project.

More about the project, from CEE Bankwatch Network's website: (note that is now down and the domain name potentially hijacked, do not click on that website but use its Wayback Machine copy archive instead:

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