About Us

Through series of short films, video interviews, guides, resources, online and offline training and workshops, Exposing the Invisible engages with different techniques, tools and methods along with the individual practices of those working at the new frontiers of investigation.

The digital age has profoundly transformed the way people find and share information. The internet is enabling collaboration between activists, journalists, artists, technologists and other members of the civil society on an unprecedented scale. This has led to previously unimaginable possibilities in conducting investigations and evidence-based civic actions. More people are now empowered to uncover hidden information, expose corruption and bring the truth to light.

We want Exposing the Invisible to inspire a new generation of people committed to transparency and accountability through investigation.

New resources get published regularly on our two websites:

Our small team of three (currently: Jasmine, Laura and Wael) together with the wider Tactical Tech team of expert researchers, trainers and designers is always eager to collaborate and communicate on new topics, share ideas for collaboration or learn about useful content and opportunities that may serve investigators.

If you have suggestions, questions or projects you would like to tell us about, please contact us at: eti@tacticaltech.org (GPG Key fingerprint: BD30 C622 D030 FCF1 38EC C26D DD04 627E 1411 0C02).

Exposing the Invisible is a project of Tactical Tech, an international NGO that engages with citizens and civil-society organisations to explore and mitigate the impacts of technology on society.